Where can I get up to date information about how many groups you may have booked?

Generally our weekends are times when we can be booked at various times. By checking facebook here Facebook we will post information on times of the day that we feel we can not fit in walk-in racing because of group bookings. We will not list every group outing as we can usually work around most groups and fit in some public racing. Also, on the times that are freed up from groups that we list, we do not guarantee that walk-in racers during those times, will easily be able to book a race. Racers do drop in, setup a race for two hours later etc. and arrive later to run those races.

Group reservation minimums.

Please note that Saturday group bookings in late Fall and Winter will require at least 8 racers in GP’s mini Gp’s and LeMans Races.

When people ask "how long until our race?

We will provide only an estimate of when your race MAY be called. A time estimate is a “best guess” of when your race MAY start. We can also give you the number of races prior to your race being run. If you are a new racer and have yet to create a profile as well as pay for your groups’ races, our cashiers will probably be setting up racers with additional races as you complete this process. If we are busy, the process could take 15 minutes or more. When done, your previous estimate could have increased by two to three or more races. Also, there are multiple reasons why a it may take longer run all of the races before yours. Fixing or adjusting a track, equipment failures, rounding up racers that may be using the restroom etc., prepping for junior races where we spend more time helping juniors understand control of the karts and many others.